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Video Editing Timeline

My story

Hi, my name is Raden, I am a freelance videographer who not long ago decided it was ok to be a creative and make a living from it!


What started off as a passion, turned into a side hustle and ended up being a fulltime gig. The passion to create videos started at a young age and it wasn’t until years later I started making my first videos on my iphone. So one day I decided to quit my corporate job and become a fulltime video creator.


When I make a video, whether it’s a 15 second or 5 minute clip, I want to captivate the people watching, keep them engaged and leave an imprint of the brand, product, or message after they have watched the video.


My style of filming and editing usually incorporates fast paced transitions, effects and sfx. However, I understand not every video will be the same, and my priority is to ensure the message / product has been conveyed to the audience…but still add that little sprinkle of my style.


I have worked for a wide range of clients from fitness, food, health, beauty and corporate. My videos have been used predominantly on social media platforms and websites, to promote marketing campaigns and product launches, however I have also created videos for television advertisement and mobile apps.


Whether you are wanting to promote your brand, product or promotional event, my goal is to produce the best, high quality videos for my clients. So lets work together!

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